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Usage - access control

Access control is primarily managed using the Ansible playbooks and configuration in the stackhpc-release-train and stackhpc-release-train-clients repositories. The readme file in each repository provides information on how to install dependencies and run playbooks. The playbooks are designed to be run manually or via a GitHub Actions CI job. This page covers the different workflows available for access control.

Create content guards

This workflow must currently be run manually. It involves the following playbook in the stackhpc-release-train repository:

  • dev-pulp-content-guards.yml: Create certguard content-guards using CA certificates stored in HashiCorp Vault (

This should only need to be run when the CA chain for the content guards changes, which should be very rare.

To run it manually:

ansible-playbook -i ansible/inventory \

Configuration for content guards is in ansible/inventory/group_vars/all/dev-pulp-repos.

Generating client credentials